Blast from the past

Hey there, 

How are you? Good I hope. I am also good, as always. Well, I was sick a few days ago. I had a cold and cough, but I am a-okay now. 
The reason I'm writing this to you is to let you know that I want you to stop.

After all these years, all the birthdays I had without you, all the phases, the stages, the different cities I lived in, after all those, I can not believe that you still has some sort of a hold of me. I can not believe I still think of you every time I play with soap bubble. I can not believe your shadows are still haunting me every time I went to a some-what decent park. 

I don't want it to. You are supposed to mean nothing to me at this point. Heck, you're not even supposed to exist. You are supposed to be deleted and emptied from the recycle bin of my thoughts.

*Ziiii, mellow kali kakaaaaaaa.......

So I just check the draft section in my blog, and I found this.

Wowza, I am such a drama queen.
But heck, I spent time writing that shit down, so I might as well just published it. 

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