On Being Cool

A dear dear friend of mine asked me a few days ago, "Do you think X is cool?"
And I said "I don't know her that well to determined her coolness. why?"
And she answered, that little weird girl said "She's friends with a guy I know, who is cool. I mean, how could she knew him? She has a lot of friends you know, she's cool. But I don't like her. And I don't like that she's cool" 
And I just rolled my eyes. 

I've been wondering for sometimes about this cool thing. About this hipster-turn-lamester thing. About being scenester, being "it" boy or girl. About being the one everyone so keen to be friends with. 

What is it that makes you cool? Your uniqueness? Your oh-my-god-so-amazing-and-edgy taste in music, fashion, movie, and other art thing? Your money? Your parents money? Your hobby? Your hundreds of photos on facebook/instagram/flickr? Your band? Your friends who are in bands? Your gorgeous hair? Your crazily pretty shoes? Your fully stamped passport? What? The combination of it all? 

It took me a while to realized that, coolness in overrated. It took me a 10.000 words final project on the most hipster of all magazine, Vice, to realized that hipsterdom is a fad.

It took me a while to realized, heck, I don't give a flying fuck about what bands you listen to, or how fucking good your English is. Fuck that. 

What matter most is, seriously, kindness. 
It does sound cheesy as shit, I know. 

For me, if you are nice, kind, and basically have a good heart and actually do something for others, you are cool. You are awesome, and you are the shit!
For me, if you have a level head, a good point of view of the world, and if you don't judge other by their poor choices, you rule.

And if you bother to do the little things, the little gestures to show people around you how they are appreciated, I think you are mega awesome. 

So yeah, I love you, you nice, sweet, kind people of the world. 

Oh, and you have to be able to laugh at yourself. Because otherwise you'd have a miserable life.

And because I know not all people are nice, here is a picture of a cake. 
Cake makes everything better. Specially chocolate cake. 
Go, go eat one. 


  1. i loveee youur writing Dindaaa! :D

  2. And I love you syukmaaa. wahai kurus tapi kuaatt...

  3. so who's that dear dear friend? *malah kepo :p