On other girls

I always suspicious with girls who say "Oh, I'm not like other girls." 
What does it mean? Does it mean you don't have a vagina? Or breasts? Or feminine qualities? Or what? That you don't have XX chromosome? What??? I really don't get it.

Then they'll say "Oh, I don't wear tons of make up, and I don't give faux compliments, and I do not talk behind my friends back. I am not bitchy, and I hate backstabber." Seriously? All the other girls you know are like that?

"I'm more comfortable being friends with boys because they keep it real. Girls are so bitchy and complex, and they're not sincere." Well, you know what? No wonder the girls you know are all such bitches, you are an a-hole yourself.

We all know that one girl who is soooo happy about being the only girl among her hundreds of male friends. That one girl who would whine about how girls do not like her but will get jealous if any girl tries to join her so called gang. The girl who is always undermining other girls, who keep saying "oh, i'm not like other girls."

I hate those girls.

I hate girls who always put other girls down. 

Girl, society has given us so much shit already, don't shit on your own troops. 

We girls are so so foine. 
We effin' rule.

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