Something Yours

Do you have something that only yours? 

I don't mean in sense of material things, because everyone has that. 
But a thing, a thing that yours. do you know what I mean?

Of course not, you have to be a mind reader to understand what I mean at this point. 
Let's make it clearer. 

Take example me. My things are: Golden Girls, Reno 911, of Montreal, Calvin and Hobbes, and skipping and dancing while walking.
Those things are mine, and mine alone. 

None of my friends watch Golden Girls or Reno 911 as religiously as i do. None of them understand the magical creature that is Kevin Barnes. None of them has read all Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. And none of them like to skip or suddenly dancing while they're walking. None.

That's why those are my things. Those are so Maroon Ranger. 

Maybe it's because at heart, I am a true hipster. 
I thrive to have something that is just mine. 

That's why I hate it when I introduce my friends to something, then they act like they love it more than I do. 
I really do hate it. 

I know, what a petty petty woman I am.

I don't mind if you love the same thing as me just as long as you didn't know it from me. I am foine with that.
But it bothers me when you suddenly love this X band soooo hard and start telling everyone of how cool X band is, and act so cool in front of your friends about it. 

And I hate hate hate saying "Well, the beyotch knows it from me." 
Because admit it, that line is such a dirt bag line.

So I stuck watching you parading your coolness.

I am lame sometimes. Seriously.

And for this post, I use Helvetica. just to be ironic. and hipsteric.

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  1. aku bilang kok kalo aku tau the national sama black keys dari kamu :p
    gossip laah. sopo sopo? *pemerkeruh suasana :))