Midnight in Paris

I love the movie.

It makes you want to pack your bags and go to Paris and be a writer.

I thought they can soften the Inez character a bit tho. She just seems so neurotic and hate-able that you find it hard to believe that she and Gil were in love sometimes in the past not so long ago.

But what I really liked about the movie was, how it was such a fantasy for everyone who writes, and reads.

And I couldn't stop giggling the whole time Hemmingway was on screen. I mean seriously. If you're a writer, and you have the chance to sit down and have a nice chat with young drunken Hemmingway, how overwhelmed would you feel?? How?
I couldn't stop thinking "Oh good god, if it were me I'd be lost for words. and maybe just tried to ask Hemmingway to let's just go find a room and get this tension over with."

*This is young Hemmingway. you see now right?

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