On Twitter

I know, everyone has been saying it.
Your life will never be as exciting as your tweets.

But still, it bothers me somehow. It bothers me how people over exaggerate the fun time they're having on twitter.

"Having a wild night with ma homies. we rock!!"
"Soooo wasted, tonight's gonna be EPIC"
"Twas a super hella fun night! keep rockin' biatches!"

I mean, seriously?
You had the time to stop and tweet when you were so wasted and so effin' busy rockin the night away with your biatches?

Oh, and another trend that is bothering me: acting oh so cultured and artsy on twitter.

"Watching someobscureartmovie. it's so good, my spinal melted"
"Oh my these artthing is sooo good, I'm crying like a mindless baby just from seeing it"
"watching someobscureband, they're so so so amazing, when the vocalist look straight to my eyes, I got pregnant"


I know, if it bothers me so much, just quit twitter.
Or just unfollow those people. or mute them.
or you know, something mature and non-whining and non-bitchy thing.

But this is my blog, I'll do what I want.

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