This is how I know I'm kinda a bitch

I just read someone's blog. Some acquaintance of mine, someone I actually kinda despise.

Here's the story, so I went to a friend's house one day, and this girl was there. I don't know why but I just got the wrong vibe from her. It's like she didn't want me there. Like I was some intruder, an uninvited guest.

Then I met her again, and she didn't even acknowledge me. She pretended like she never met me. So I did the same.
Then my friends share stupid stories about what a drama queen she is. And from then on, this girl is in my "stupid people, ignore" list.
But since I am a curious cat, I checked her blog today.

And surprise, turned out she's one big wet whiny festival!

Oh I know, bad things happened to you long ago. Oh I know, your friends are so much more successful than you. Oh I know, your love life is shit.
And your friends don't love you as much as you love them. And men rejected you. And you feel like you need to grow up fast. and life sucks. and blablablablablablablabla.

awee..shucks.... I guess shit to be you.

But do you know why your friends don't love, praise, embrace, and whatever the hell you want them to as much? Because they are not some stupid perfect lovey dovey amazing witty talented charismatic funny characters from the movies. they are real people from the real world who have real problems.

Stop whining and take a good look at your life. take a good look at your choices.
a good look at your vocabulary.

and quit whining so much you bitch.

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