I judge you by your reading choices

I do, I really do.
So if you put somewhere that your favorite books are the twilight series, or shopaholic, or dealova, then I'd know that we will not see eye to eye in so many things.

It's not that I only read great quality novels, or classic, I read stupid books and comics too.
I read the hell out of Crayon Sinchan. I read that comics in Indonesian, and in Malaysian. I read Ujang, the weirdly fun Malaysian comic. I read a few chick-lit, and I read tons of children books.
I'm not saying chick-lit or children books are stupid, but what literature snob would say "Yeah, boy overboard is one of my favorite books, like, you know, ever."

Yes, I also read great, amazing books. I have practiced my spells and conquered the dark lord with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. I threw away my life, stole human fat, made soap, and be a part of Project Mayhem with Tyler. I set sail and hunt with Captain Ahab. I got my heart broken and learned about the rural lifestyle of Russia with Levin. I found a bomb in a lake, won a hot air balloon competition, created a monster, and myriads of other extraordinary experiences alongside my fellows in our Madmen Scientists club. I learned the value of true friendship and traveled the journey of coming-of-age with Charlie.

I experienced the maddening rage of losing a coat with Akaky. I made friend with a warrior polar bear, traveled through different universes, and got chased by a crazy golden monkey with Lyra. I found true love, and true fear with Winston. I cried, got attacked, shamed a mob, and felt hopeless with the justice system alongside Scout.

I raised generations of family and watched the Buendias having affairs, making children, and ruining their lifes with Ursula. I cracked tens of cases, helped kings and queens, made the Scotland Yard eat their words with Sherlock and John. I discovered science and got to be amazed by granddaddy with Calpurnia.

I hunt, fight, survived, fell in love, and have my happy ending with Katniss. I worked, dreamed, hoped, and got my heart so violently crushed alongside George and Lennie. I have traveled the world, discovered where fairies live, saved father, and prevented the world from ending with Artemis. I sailed through awkward teen, embarrassing youth, crazy mid life, got married, divorced, had illegitimate son, raised two sons, got my heart broken, dealt with super eccentric parents, had a brief stint as celebrity chef, got cancer, and maybe finally got together with a true love with Adrian.

I have done many things, alongside many protagonist. I also have cruised the internet, read tons of blogs, laughed at the thousands of smart, witty, insightful writing on the web.

And if you haven't, then yes, I judge you.

If the only thing you've done is got in some troubles and then be saved by a knight in shining armor and had a wedding bliss, then yes, I judge you. Or if you think Edward is the perfect man, then I judge you. Hard.

*from stuffofawesome

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