The Stupid Shits I Did

How long do you have? Because if I have to make a complete list of all the stupid things I did, we'll be here for all the long damn day.

But for starters, here they are:

1. Once, when I was 17, my friends told me that I should major in Communication, since I talk oh so much. And I did. I made one of the most important decision of my life, that practically decided my career path, based on the fact that my silly old friends thought I should put my ability to talk non stop for hours into something good. You guys, apparently there are so much more in communication than talking endlessly about yourself.

2. When I was 19 or 20, I wrote a short novel. Well, I do not think writing a short novel is stupid, but what I wrote was stupid. Believe me, when you read it you'd be like "What the hell is wrong with this punk ass girl?"

3. Once I danced like there's no tomorrow in my sister's teeny tiny little bathroom, and my foot hit the toilet, and I almost broke one of my toes and walked funny for like a month. Note to self: only dance in a non-slippery, space-y room, and no, the toilet isn't out to get you. the toilet has long accepted its fate as the shit hole that it is.

4. Twice I had a crush on my close male friends. and told them. Now that I think of it, it wasn't really a crush I was just trying to get attention and made people laugh. No, seriously. Why would I have a crush on my friends, who are: 1. close minded homophobes, who actually let everyone knows that they are close minded homophobes. 2. always putting me down by showing me, and telling me, how lame and stupid and irrelevant I am. Well, other than that, they're pretty funny and helpful at times.

5. Had this stupid urges to get close to who ever it is my friend currently has a crush on. Back when I was just a silly little girl with self-esteem issue, I tried to make my self feel better by putting my friends down. I know, how stupidly petty I was. Example: in junior high, my close friend had a crush on a guy in our class. So what did I do? I befriended the guy, I was extra nice to him, helped him with homework and stuff, and practically bragging to my friend about the silly stuff we did or talked about. It happened a few times after that, with different friends, with different guys.
I don't know when I finally realized that it was stupid, but hey, I guess we're all had our mean girl phase.

6. In high school, right after the monday morning ceremony, I turned around, walked like 4 steps, saw a small puddle of water, and decided to jump over it. Of course, being the athlete that I was, I fell down, got my skirt wet, and got the entire school to witness it.

In the words of a Singaporean friend, stupid what?


  1. In my defense, we were a bunch of silly teenagers, and we all took questionable bachelor's degree. Some of our friends and I have changed our path. Why did you still take communications for your masters?

  2. Because I thought that's the one choice that made perfect sense.
    I would love to get another bachelor degree in anthropology, but alas, daddy wouldn't pay, and I was and still am a broke ass 20-something girl.
    I know I can still change my path right now, but who has the time?

  3. That's not an acceptable answer :p you should make the time, it's your life.