Are you in your mid-to-late twenties? Do your friends and family ask you "So, when is the wedding?" oh so very often ,even though you don't have a boyfriend yet?

Do strangers and friends from the past ask you "Are you married?" The very time they see you?
And when you say "Nope." They say "Why? Go get married, don't work too hard." or "Oh poor you, it'll happen soon.'

And it takes all that you have to not say:
"Well, bitch, I like being not married. I don't even want to be married. You know why? Because I'm happy like this. I have a good job, in a good organization. I have great friends. I made more than enough money to support me. I have amazing family. I have travel plans. I don't have a curfew, I don't have responsibilities outside my self. I do not have anything that would hold me back if chances come knockin'. I don't have other people to take care of, or kids to think about. 
And don't get me wrong, good for you for being married and "happy", but you need to know, not every one wants what you want. I am sorry that you're so unfulfilled that you need to thrust your nose in other people's business. go fuck yourself." 

If the answer to all of those questions is Yes, well, are you me? 

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