New York

I used to dream about living in New York.
I thought it would be cool, since all the cool kids are hanging out in New York.

But yesterday, my boss from US was here, and as she looked over Jakarta Skyline from my office, she said:

"This look so much like New York."

My heart sunk.

Then I remember what my one friend used to say to me:

"Why do you dream of living in New York? You hate big cities. You'd hate New York. It's big, loud, and filled with gigantic buildings."



  1. You will love New York :)

    I'm always not into big cities, but I love New York.

    .. and oh, I love Jakarta as well!

  2. Maybe I will :)
    I don't think NY sucks or anything now, it's just doesn't seem very "me".
    I hate Jakarta. I know it's stupid to live here and work here, and curse it 9 ways till Sunday.

    My boss told me i should move to Barcelona tho, she said I'd love it there. Or maybe it's her subtle way to say "I don't really care where you move, just as long as you quit this job" Hmm....