Pet Peeves

I've been writing and erasing and re-writing and erasing and rewriting the opener for this for like 10 times now, so I'll just gonna stop trying and just put down a list of my pet peeves.

Maroon Ranger's Pet Peeves:

1. Cleaning up after someone else
I know, this is not really a pet peeves, no one likes to clean up after someone else. But I really really hate to do this. Like, seriously.
I used to work as a waitress for several months, so I actually don't mind cleaning up messes, as long as I get paid to do so. I also have a lower tolerance of mess, so I need to keep my quarters at least somewhat tidy.

2. Putting things that's still in the plastic bag in the fridge
People do this, and I don't know why.

3. Talking out loud on the phone in public transportation
No one needs to hear that you think it's Robert's fault for not getting the food on time thus upsetting the client.

4. Stopping somewhere when you're already late
Seriously, when you have made a plan, stick to it. Be on time. When you're obviously late, run. Do not make a quick stop at random place and make people wait for you. That's just rude.

5. Copy cat
Not really a copy cat, but umm.. what do you call people who'd like things because this other person they're so desperately want to impress likes it? Poser? Hm.. that doesn't sound right. Anyway, that's what I mean. Those people irritates me more than they should.

6. Cashier giving less change or gives out candy instead of money
If i can't get away with paying less then neither can you.

7. Eating out with friends and someone said "let's just divide it equally"
When I only eat like an appetizer, I feel cheated, and when I eat appetizer, an expensive main course, and two drinks, I feel like I'm taking advantage of others. Only do this when we "makan tengah"

8. People who ask for help and not being extra nice about it
Listen, I'm helping you here, do not bark at me or ask a thousands questions or making me do some extra work because you're too lazy to do the research. Fuck you.

9. People who keep "curhat" about the same thing over and over and over an over again, without making it funny or interesting.
Keep your drama out of my life, I have Grey's Anatomy for that.

Wow, I'm slowly but surely turning into a bitter 'ole beyotch.

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