So, where do you come from?

Yesterday, my good friend, Madi, was here in Jakarta. He gathered his close friends, and we met up at a small cafe in my apartment complex area. So there it was, me, him, a few friends from high school  few friends from back home, and few friends of him that I only so so know.

We started talking, and we kept changing circle. We moved around, talking about different shit with different people.

And what I realized last night (well, I actually has realized this a long time ago, but what happened last night just reassured my theory) that I find it much much much easier to start talking weird with people from Medan, my hometown. I kid you not, I could strike up conversation so effin' easily if I use my Medan accent. Maybe I feel more confident because it makes me feel exactly in my elements.

Oohh.. oohh... I also know now that I'm not the only one who feels that our friends from Medan are more... watchamacallit? Reliable? Maybe that's not the right word. But we just feel like we all feel much more comfortable as our selves when we're surrounded by those who comes from the same city. We also feel like we're less reluctant to ask for help or favor from our home town friends.

We feel like we can be ourselves, talking bad about each other, and just start bad mouthing people left and right and do not feel bad or uneasy about it.

Well, anyhoo...

I know, there's no point to this. Just a little shout out to my home townies, I love you guys.

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