Okay, I've been doing some thinking, and decided that 2012 doesn't suck so bad.

I mean, it feels like it sucked major balls, but in reality it only feels like it because I have some very high expectations for 2012.

I thought it would be a wild ride, a crazy year where I'd say yes to opportunities and chances, and making bold moves and what not. Well, it wasn't.

It is the year of working and sleeping around (by my self, I sleep A LOT this year) staying at home and watching epic movies. It is the year of laziness, too much thinking, losing friends, and people getting married. It is the year of ordinary things. It is the year of drama free. It is the year of meh at best.

And just like what we did last year, and the year before that. Let's make a promise here, let's make sure 2013 will be a blast.

2013 will be the year of magical thinking. We'll let our imagination run wild, and go to obscure places, and do weird things, and visit old friends, and make new friends, and be magical again.
Be childish again, be mesmerized again. Be lively.

Okay your highness? Promise me you'll start living like a tourist in this city? With the will to explore everything and visit every place and start really get into sewing and all those shit? Promise? Really promise?

Okay, that's three times you've promised. If you lie, Imma kiss the back of your hand and pour lye on it.


Maroon Ranger

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