This Fight Everyone Is Having

Is driving me mad.
and I'm not even in the fight, or even a factor in the fight. It's not my fight, and I have zero intention to make it my fight.

And in my very narrow mind, where the world revolves around my teeny tiny universe, I want everyone to be like that. I want everyone to just mind their own business and you know, just go with it. Listen to the stories. Nod when needed. Smile and crack a joke or two. Do not judge. Do not try to act holier-than-thou. Do not accuse.

If A doesn't want to be in any way related to B anymore, fine, I'll join A new group, I'll come to A new establishment, and I'll hang out with A without B.

and if B wanted to do the same, I'll join her too. Seriously. This is their fight, I respect what ever it is they have to do to weather the storm.

I will not try to  mediate them (because let's face it, I am NO mediator). I will not try to tell anyone to chill (because everyone has a different way to handle things, and different length of fuse, some fire dies slower than others, some goes on for miles. Just sit back and give them their time). And I will try my best to not be a bitch to anyone.

I will try to be there for anyone who needs me to be there.

So yeah, just sit back, relax, don't over analyze things, and let people handle their emotions. All we need to do is be there, be fuckin' supportive. and that's that.

So yeah, this is the end of this lecture/rant.

Here's a gif of Spongebob worshiping Paul Banks (yeah, you read it right), which of course I got from tumblr.

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