Why are we still friends?

Ever since I watched the Bachelor (that awful show where 20 young, beautiful women live together in the same house and one guy got to know them all and in the end pick the one he likes to be his fiance) I realized that, when conditioned, we can fall in love with just anyone.

It might not be the sincere love you feel for the person whose eyes you caught from across the bar while you just had your fourth gin shot of the night. It might not be the cutesy love you feel when you were sixteen and sure that if your crush doesn't love you back, you'd die of broken heart.

But it's still love, right?

Same thing with friendship, I feel it can be conditioned. Like, you can be friends with practically anybody, give or take they're not psychos and/or crazy bitches and a-holes.

You don't have to have the same taste in music, or movies, or books, or men. You don't even have to have the same stance in political issues. You don't even have to see eye to eye in human rights.

I have people who are anti choice, religion nuts, deeply racist, somewhat agains female rights, and just plain stupid who I called friends. Like, for real. Well they are at least one of the afro-mention,  not a full blown dirt bag douche fest.

I was friends with those people because: proximity.

Of course, I then moved places, grow up a little, broaden my views, and basically changed.

My friends then changed to, and I managed to only keep a few here and there. A few from post grad, some from uni, a handful from high school, and you know, a little from here and there.

These people I'm still friends with, are different in many ways, different from me, different from each other, yet we're still friends.

Yet, we're still friends. Why?

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