Trying To Be Cool

I'm just trying to be cool
It's all because of you
Some fanatic attitude
We're both on

In my head, Thomas Mars is my best friend. On our off days, we'd take a long walk along Seine river, then stop at a bakery shop, buy some croissants and billet, sit at one of the bench on that park behind Notre Dame, eat our food, walk again, then stop at one of the bridges, and listen to an old man playing the accordion. Then we'd go to someone's home, and dance to Phoenix, much to his dismay. 

There's a reason I like to stay in my head a lot, life is just so much better there. 


  1. My boss is a best friend of Thomas the drummer. I'll ask if Thomas the vocalist likes billet. I bet he is.

  2. Oh my god, yes please.
    But it would really make me sad if it turned out, he doesn't like billet. I'd be like, "fine, now ewan mcgregor is my best friend."