So This Happened

I spent a good chunk of time blog-walking yesterday, and I realized, people talk a lot about their day-to-day activities on their blog. There aren't may blogs talking about the ultimate mundane and inane things with only one point of view like this one out there. Most of them are actually informative/funny/heart-warming/useful. Well, most of the ones I visit.

So, you know, just to humor my self, me being the sole reader of this blog, I'm going to write about something that happened in my life lately, just so I can say to people "Oh, yeah, I sometimes share the details of my day/week/month to people to, you know, through my blog."

The past month this happened:

1. I left Jakarta for Medan
I don't know for how long, hopefully not very long. You see, Medan is a good escape for a week or two. My family are here. I enjoy spending time with them, for a week or two. After that, the lack of privacy and the dependency I have on others regarding transportation, drive me crazy. Crazy. Jakarta's traffic maybe super hell-ish congested, but I can go anywhere by public transport. I can take the bus, ojeg, taxi, busway, anything. I can go anywhere on a whim in Jakarta. I have my own room, heck, I have the whole apartment to my self. Oh, and I'm here while I wait for my visa to be processed.

2. I'm slowly going mad
For staying in Medan. Like seriously guys, I have zero idea what to do and where to go. So yeah, I'm slowly going mad out of boredom.

3. I re-read Harry Potter
You guys, I still get madly sad when I got to book 7, and Dobby dies. Fuck Bellatrix Lestrange, fuck her hard.  I'm currently on "The Battle of Hogwarts" chapter, and I'm delaying, even thinking to not finish it this time. Because Fred dies at the end!!! And Lupin, and Tonks!! I mean, what the fuck? Fred? Why Fred? Why not that pompous Percy?! I mean, he's hardly in the book even, just kill the lad, and let Fred lives. Oh god, I really am slowly going mad, aren't I? I'm ranting on about a book that published 6 years ago, which I've read 3 times. Merlin's beard! Oh and, Snape. Seriously dude. When you learned that the girl you're madly in love with din't love you back, and she's gone and married some dude, and had a child with him, the grown ass thing to do is to fuckin' move on, not torture her frickin son while he was your student. Seriously dude.

4. Really?
After I told you I'm slowly going mad out of boredom, you really think there would be a number four? Blimey.

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