Before Midnight

Have you watched it? The third installation of Jesse and Celine love story.
It's still has the same style with Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Long takes, long dialogues. All they do in this movie is talking. They talk, talk, and then talk some more. 

Some of the talk are fighting words. They yell, scream, and throwing out accusation and doubts. 

And I do not like it. I do not like the movie. 

I love, or maybe loved, the previous two. But in this one, I fell tired. I fell like I'm ready to give up on their relationship. Which I think say more about me than the movie. I do not like long, monogamous relationship. I do not like the idea of fighting and sacrificing or what not for your relationship. And apparently, I do not enjoy watching a couple bickering incessantly about their relationship. 

Wow, I really don't have any romantic bone in my body. 

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