Do people get clumsier as they get older? Because I do.

I remember, a lifetime ago, when I still read comic books, I really hated the "clumsy adorable girl" trope. I was always screaming "Grrrlll.... get yourself together!" in my head.

I was poised, I was graceful. I was the wise one. I have always been a little loudmouth, but I was never clumsy.

But look at me now, I trip over everything. I drop things left and right, I run into people on a daily basis, and the number of bruises on my legs are getting ridiculous. My hair is a mess most days, and just last week, I gave a 16 kgs worth of dirty laundry to the laundry place.

What is happening to me?

I even managed to get someone very poised to be clumsy, simply by being near me.

This is not adorable.

It's adorable on a thin, sweet, very pretty girl. It makes her seems more approachable. But on me? On a girl that you can spot from 1 km away? It's not adorable, it's frustrating.


  1. Pake baju hitam sama cat rambutmu hitam biar elegan yaa

  2. Udah Li, jangan sering2 kali liat ig Mulan Jameela, nanti kau depresi.