Say you met a guy, and he was much cool, very awesome. And you two connected.
Say you did it with him, and it was also much cool, very awesome. And you spent the day after just giggling to yourself and smiling like a moron. You were happy.

Then you met with your impossible crush. The one who is so perfect, you sometimes wonder how does he even exists. And your crush decided to be super extra nice and attentive. And now you can't get him out of your mind.

And that guy you met a few days ago lives like 5000 kilometres away. And you forgot to ask his last name. And you've deleted his contact details from your phone. You can always ask your mutual friends, but better not, because then you'd release all the awkwards. So now all you can do is write stupid shit on your blog.

Story of my life.

Btw, no, i'm not a 15 year old teen, I'm twenty-freakin-nine.

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