Do you know what I am most thankful for at my job? It teaches me to be more compassionate. The people I meet, the conditions I see, the reality of things. They all teach me to be more compassionate. It might be an uphill battle, but there's no point on doing it with burning hatred in your heart.

I have always think of myself as this open minded person, who is so understanding and humane. But apparently, not. I held, or maybe still hold, judgement toward several communities. I still believe in some stereotypes. I, sometimes, refuse to see and understand where others coming from.

I'm just so thankful that this job, and my browsing habit have opened windows, doors, and forces me to see things from another point of views. And I love how several lovely people I met lately have taught me that no matter what, have some compassion. You maybe enraged, you may be pissed, but still, have compassion. And always have a hug ready to be given out to anyone. And kisses should not be exclusive.

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