I've been good

Good afternoon kids, how you've been?
All is well I hope. All is well.

Oh, me? I've been grand. I have accepted that I might be slightly off, but if that's what makes me happy and it affected no one but me, I can just go on and do it for days and weeks and months. That's okay, I can live with pathetic.

I've been drinking less and less now. Which is good. I don't drink everyday anymore, just on days when I'm at home before 8pm, which is rare, since I've been going to the gym and/or seeing friends.

I've been good. At least for most of the time. I've been watching episode after episode of game panel show, but hey, they entertain me. I've stated watching Doctor Who, well, the new ones, the ones that started in 2005. I've finished season 1, and sadly said my goodbye to the 9th doctor, Eccleston. I'm excited to see Tennant tho, I like him.

I've been exercising. A little dance, a little walk. It's been good. I've been trying to eat well, but so far, I have failed miserably. I try to cut out carbs and eat at least 1 fruit everyday.

I've been daydreaming more often. As you know, I live other lives in my head.
I'm going to start a weekly goal and hopefully can stick to it.

I need to be more serious at work. I need to get shit done.

I've been good. And less depressed.

I've been good.

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