On Kurt

Last week, your highness managed to crossed off one of her 2016 resolutions, which was to bang a guy. Not just any guy, but a specific guy.
This guy has been the subject of so many mock conversations and made up scenarios between me and my friends. This guy has been prominently featured in our  curhat sessions, or just talking shit sessions. Let us call him Kurt. (Why Kurt, you ask? Because Kurt Vonnegut.)

Kurt is an anomaly for me. The first time I saw Kurt, I was captivated. Then I tried my best to get him. I sent out messages, I told my friend to tell him I like him, and I sent out messages. Then, I guess he got creep out and blocked me. So I thought, that ship has sailed. Everyone thought so too. Everyone. The weird thing is, I developed this "feelings" just based on stories and things I read about him. Not based on who he is. The weird thing is, I got so so charmed by nothing. The weird thing is, I got all weird and crazy because of nothing. Nothing.

But hey, life is funny sometimes, she throws you a bone from time to time just to keep you interested. So yeah, after another series of messages and what not, we met, and we did it.

It was great. It was good. It was okay.

But everything was great probably because he is Kurt. He is my Kurt. You know, that one person you just can't get rid off of your mind? Someone who suddenly just stormed into your heart and stay there, unwelcome. And it's not even intentional. He didn't do it deliberately, he didn't even realize he's doing it.

We all have a Kurt, and probably we're all someone else's Kurt. The thing is, we don't always realize it. It's not always clear cut. It's not always reasonable.

This is basically a way to try to move on. We did it, and that's it. Highly doubtful it'll be something more than a one time thing.

To you Kurt. And to all other Kurts out there, may life be good.

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