On Changing

I know, I wrote about this before, about how much I've changed the past two years. But I just take a good look in the mirror and yeah, damn, I've changed.

Not just the outside. Not just the hair, the soft lens, the clothes, the way I walk, the bright lipstick, the eyeliner, the shoes, the accidental weight loss, and the everything else, but also the inside. I feel more comfortable with myself now. I give way less fuck. I talk about everything and anything and I don't get embarrass talking about private matters anymore. I'm more in tune with myself. I'm more assure. I'm kinder, sweeter, bubblier, friendlier. I am also more forgiving to myself and allow myself to be stupid from time to time. I'm more relax around children. I've changed.

I flirt better too. I am bolder than ever. I don't know what, but something must happened in the past couple of years. Might be the realization that I'm a real adult now. Might be the acknowledgement of my issues. Might be the acceptance of me as a sexual being. I don't know, but something.

I'm thankful for the changes. I'm thankful for the things I got due to the changes. I'm thankful for the experiences I gained, for the new friends, for the new stories, for the tonnes of new laughter.

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