How you've been? Good? Great. I always want you to be good, if not great. 
Me? I've been good, so far 2017 has been quite good. I still have my job, still enjoying it. 
I met someone new, nothing serious at all, but he's been good. 
I met another someone new, we're not sleeping together or anything, but we're talking. So that's refreshing. 

I bought a new bed. Nice. It's thick and fluffy. I bought a new pillow. Nice. 
I bought a set of bag and pouches, which I hope will help me sort out my life. Because nothing say "Organize af" as a matching set of bag and pouches. Right? Right. 

The one thing that drives me a bit insane is one guy (I know, it's always a guy. Maybe one day it'll be something else, like a horse, or a world economy crisis). 

I met this guy months ago. Early 2016, that shit of a year. 

We met about three times in total. That's it. Three times. Three frickin times.

Then as you know, shit happened and we got re-connected. And me being stupid, I let him lingers.

And lingers.

For no apparent reason,

Maybe I just like being emotionally tortured.

Oh well. Get back to me when you read this, I fuckin miss you. 

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