It's Been A While

Hi, hello.

It's been a while. I haven't written anything here for almost a year.

I have another blog, in which I write about my dating shenanigans. And I like writing there, it's light and breezy. I can be funny and candid. I like it.

While this? I come here to vent and to be all melancholic about life.

And now, I do feel a bit melancholy.

To be honest, life, as it is now, is good.

Work is good, dating is good, money is good.

I am content with everything I have right now.

And I found out some people deserve to be kept and some deserve to be let go. And I'm no longer angry at those who need to be out. I am no longer holding a grudge at those who decided to get out. I am okay. Not everyone meant to be in your life.

It hurts at first tho. You have this burning rage at how unfair you think it is. You have this ostentatious feeling that you should be treated different. That after everything, you should be important. But after a while, you look around, and you realised, you were also shit at times. And if this is the end, you can take it. You don't mind it anymore.

And you go on with your life. But, saying goodbye is always hard. But you never thought that it is also hard when it's not "hard", you know what I mean?

Like, you thought this would impact you in a bigger way, you'd be more upset. But no, you briefly angry, but then you shrug your shoulder. And you wonder, how emotionless or numb are you that all of those years end up being not much? But hey, you can't really force a feeling.

So it is what it is and you move on.

And this is me, moving on.

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